At this page you can find some samples from already realised projects

  • On-grid systems

  • Off grid systems 

  • solare pumping systems                                                                                    


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Solar pumping system for field watering

A submersible pump  pumps from 30m depth water        in a reservoir.
Capacity: 4m3 per day
Reservoir capacity: 27m3
Wind-power: 600 W
Solar-power: 300 W

PV-feed into the grid system
Rated power: 1,2 kW

PV-feed into the grid system
Rated power: 2,0 kW

PV-feed into the grid system
Rated power: 1,0 kW


2 x WE 500 NWR

PV-feed into the grid system
Rated power: 5,5 kW + 1,3 kW
The existing 1,3 kW island system
has been rebuilt to feed into the grid system

The grid inverters are mounted in a electrical rack.

For easy controll the PV-system it has been  installed a separat kWh-counter for each PV-string.

4kW windmill for waterheating

4 kW-heating windmill

Control unit for the 4kW windmill

Off-grid system for a one-family house       without grid connection

Picture shows engineering room with battery, inverter plus control rack

Energy supply take place over PV-system + vegetable oil block heating station as backup generator


Off-grid system for a one-family house      without grid connection

Power supply from 5kW PV-system.                   As backup also a 10,5 kVA diesel generator is installed.

Small mechanical workshop without grid connection (France)

Power supply from 1,8 kW PV and 2,0 kW Windpower. 

The 230V diesel generator supplemented the safe power supply.

The complete excess energy at full batteries is used for the hot-water boiler. (via load controller)



Water wheel for charging batteries

Water wheel for supplying a small off grid system. The charge end voltage where controlled with a batterie load controller. 

At charge end voltage, all not used energy flows into the  heating element in the hot-water boiler.

The system where completed with additional PV-Moduls.

This system supplies some loads via 230V island inverter in a family house.

Windmill  for heating and hot-water boiler

Windmill for support the existing heating system and hot-water boiler.

Therefore a controll unit for 3x400V AC is used.          The customer can individuell set the working point for best yield at common wind speed.

The windturbine is located in France. Construction and assembly was done by the customer.

Because of the good wind place the windturbine can save much energy for heating and hot-water boiler.